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Social Styles & Communication Course


by Mark Kassner – Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional

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by Mark Kassner – Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional

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Social styles are a further discovery of who we really are, and who others might fundamentally be as well. Obviously, the more you get to know people, more about them is revealed, but social styles is a powerful understanding tool, if applied and practised, to help create and maintain positive relationships with self and others. It’s all about becoming aware and adapting to each situation and interaction.

What is Social Styles & Communication?

Social styles describe our overall behaviour, which includes a mix of our genetic makeup, and behaviour we’ve learned during the formative years of our lives from those around us. It is the behaviour we adopt under normal circumstances, without pressure from others or events. Some people’s social style differs in pressure situations or task situations. For example one can be quite laid back at home but controlling and driven at work.

It is as important to know your own natural style, as well as the style of others, so that you can balance out any possible tension which might arise.

Although there are billions of people on this earth, we are all unique. Hence, there will be many people of the same social style category, but quite different within that same category.

It also important to note that we can be a blend of a few social styles, but one will be more dominant than the others.


  • Get on better with self
  • Get on better with others
  • A balanced state of being


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