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Anger Management Course


by Mark Kassner – Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional

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by Mark Kassner – Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional

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We all get angry at some point in our unique lives, and we express it in different ways.

The point of this course is to give you an understanding that it is a choice and manageable. To create and maintain positive relationships with yourself and others, it is your responsibility to learn to express your anger optimally.

Key skills include being aware of your emotional state, interrupting this state, and then thinking objectively and ending up in ideal state of being.
How other people express their anger is beyond your control, how you respond is within your control.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a set of techniques and strategies designed to help individuals control their anger and prevent it from causing harm to themselves and others. The goal of anger management is not to eliminate anger altogether but to help individuals express their emotions in a healthy and productive way.

Signs of Uncontrolled Anger

Uncontrolled anger can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical and mental health. Some signs of uncontrolled anger include:

  • Frequent outbursts of anger
  • Physical aggression or violence
  • Verbal abuse
  • Self-harm or destruction of property
  • Chronic irritability and frustration
  • Difficulty expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • Feeling overwhelmed by anger

If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or someone you know, it may be time to seek help with our anger management course.


  • Get on better with self
  • Get on better with others
  • A balanced state of being
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